*Nitro Races will be held on Saturday, a day before the Electric dates above.


2018 Texas Electric Onroad Series

Bigger and Better Than Ever!


The 2018 TEOS season is shaping up to be the best season yet! The new season will bring a number of new and exciting additions including new classes, new incentives, and the first ever inclusion of Nitro! Paul and Joe will also be back for announcing and tech duties. Mark your calendars now for the upcoming 2018 races!


Updated Dates:

*Nitro Races will be held on Saturday, a day before the Electric dates above.



New for 2018:

  1. All races will be one-day events. Nitro racing will be held on Saturdays, along with the practice and local club race. Sunday will be the Electric events.
  2. 12th scale will be 13.5 on the outdoor tracks and run 5 minutes like the rest of the classes.
  3. Novice is being added. This class will be a conglomerate class. This is where the traxxas cars will be ran. Race management has the right to move a racer out of this class if they show a higher skill level than novice.
  4. No chassis sponsorships for USGT or 25.5 TC. After a lot of discussion, TEOS has added a No Chassis sponsorship rule to USGT and 25.5 Sedan. We want to make these classes more attractive to racers who may not come race these events otherwise. If you have a chassis sponsorship of any type, you have other classes you can enter. Mod Sedan, 17.5 sedan, 12th Scale, and Tamiya Truck.
  5. Every new Mod racer that enters during the 2018 EOS will get a free Mod race entry for 2019 TEOS. If you enter all 5 events in Modified, you will get the same number of free mod entries the following year. A new mod racer is someone who has never raced mod during TEOS
  6. Tamiya Truck is in, F1 is out for 2018!
  7. NEW TRACK! We've added a new race date at Newman's Hobby Shop, which is Texas's newest indoor onroad track!



2017 Series Champions!


Another fantastic year of racing is in the books! Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all the racers who came out. See you all in 2018!
























Modified Sedan Series Champions:

  1. Chris Adams
  2. Andrew Doherty
  3. John Hodges
























17.5 Sedan Series Champions:

  1. Chris Kemper
  2. Johnee Fenimore
  3. Andrew Doherty
























USGT Series Champions:

  1. Billy Land
  2. Chris Jones
  3. Sean Bloch
























25.5 Sedan Series Champions:

  1. Larry Myers
  2. Joe Maxey
  3. Josh Barry
























1/12th Scale Series Champions:

  1. Johnee Fenimore
  2. Doug Bryson
  3. Nick Sibigtroth



The Texas Electric On-Road Series (Texas EOS) aims to promote electric radio controlled on road auto racing in the state of Texas through a several race series at different venues throughout the state. The classes offered are largely based on ROAR and IFMAR rules, except where indicated.


For race updates and discussions, please go to the Forums


2017 Season!

The first race of the 2017 TEOS series is fast approaching. This year will feature two new race venues! We are proud to welcome Ncontrol RC Racing Circuit and Tyler RC Racing Complex to this years schedule. Both are outstanding permanent facilities. This year also sees the addition of a 5th race!


Full schedule for 2017 is as follows.

January 15th Banana RC Raceway

Febuary 19th TRCC

April 2nd NControl RC Racing Circuit

May 7th San Antonio

June 4th NControl RC Racing Circuit


Please see rules and forums for format change and discussions!

See you guys at round 1!



January 13th 2016


Congratulations to all the winners last year. Ill be posting the names in the champions drop down menu soon.

I am proud to announce this will be our 5th year running the series!

A new season is upon us and like all things, change is happening. We are going to be making a stop in Dallas this year. Also, we will be having two carpet races and two asphalt this year with our grand finale finally going to San Antonio!


Full schedule for 2016 is as follows.

Feb. 21 Banana RC Raceway

March 20th RSD

May 15th Hobbytown South Austin

June 12th San Antonio

Please see rules and forums for format change and discussions!


See you guys at round 1!





June 1st, 2015


Round 3 is in the books! Great turn out and lots of great racing happened at Hobby Town Austin! Top 5 in each class so far are as follows!

Modified Sedan:

1. Chris Adams 294

2. Chris Kemper 290

3. Andrew Doherty 289

4. John Hodges 287

5. Brandon McNally 198


17.5 Sedan:

1. G-Man 292

2. Jim Hartnett 280

3. Leo Moreno 269

4. Larry Meyers 196

5. Daniel Grobe 191


12th Scale:

1. Andrew Doherty 300

2. Jim Hartnett 285

3. Jose Moreno 198

4. Doug Bryson 194

5. Thomas Wells 98



1. Jose Isales 284

2. Leo Moreno 284

3. Larry Meyers 200

4. Billy Land 195

5. Roman Gonzalo 185



1. Todd Koch 199

2. Aaron Grant 195

3. Larry Meyers 101

4. Austin Zander 97

5. John Wallace 96




April 2nd, 2015


Congrats to all the Round 1 winners! Points will be tallied after Round 2!

Here is the schedule for Round 2 at Al's hobby shop in San Antonio on the 2nd and 3rd of May.

Saturday May 2nd: Track will be setup at 8:00 AM and practice begins at 10:30.

Sunday May 3rd: EOS! Track opens at Sun up! Practice until 11:15 Drives meeting at 11:15. Racing starts at 11:30!





February 6, 2015


Congratulations to all the winners from last season! The new year is upon us and and that means we will have a new series!

Dates for the year!

1. RSD, Houston March 22th with a club race the 21st

2. Als Hobby Shop, San Antonio May 3rd

3. Hobby Town North, Austin May 31st

4. Mikes Hobby Shop, Porter June 27th-28th

Please take note of the rule changes!