Texas EOS

2018 Texas EOS Rules


The Texas Electric On-Road Series (Texas EOS) aims to promote electric radio controlled on road auto racing in the state of Texas through a multi race series at venues across the state. The classes offered are largely based on ROAR and IFMAR rules, except where indicated.


1. ROAR Stock Touring Car (17.5 blinky):

-All ROAR Rules Apply.

-Body Rules Exemption where applicable.

-Non-ROAR Approved Hard Case 2S Lipo allowed after physical inspection

-Spec Tire determined by Host Track: Tires must be purchased at event at 1 set max for 1 day event and 2 sets max for 2 day events.

-Speed Controllers MUST be on ROAR Approved List

-Single A mains

-5 minute Qualifiers/Mains

-1350g Minimum Weight

-8.4 volt charge lipo maximum

2. IFMAR Open Touring Car:

-All ROAR Rules Apply.

-Body Rules Exemption where applicable.

-Non-ROAR Approved Hard Case 2S Lipo allowed after physical inspection

-Spec Tire determined by Host Track: Tires must be purchased at event Tires at 2 sets max for 1 day event and 3 sets max for 2 day events.

-1350g Minimum Weight Rule

-Single A Mains

-5 Minute Qualifiers/Mains

3. Euro Truck:

-Kit must be built in the long wheelbase configuration

-Any available round 2S round lipo up to 4200 mAh (Peak Racing Powerpax, Reedy WolfPack) with any power connector

-Any servo

-Any radio

-Any 19T Mod 0.6 pinion (kit is aluminum, steel recommended, Robinson Racing RRP1119)

-You CAN upgrade from kit bushings to bearings (recommended)

-You CAN glue the tires (recommended)

-We want to be as inclusive as possible in this fun class. Anyone can race the class. Chassis sponsored racers will not be counted for points but are welcome to join the fun.

-Heads up qualifying with reverse starting order for the mains. If you bump into the main, you start from the Front!

4. ROAR 12th Scale Stock:

-ROAR Rules apply

-17.5 blinky for indoors & 13.5 blinky for outdoor events

-4.2 volt charge lipo maximum

-Speed Controllers MUST be on ROAR Approved List

-730g minimum weight

-8 minute qualifiers and mains

5.25.5 Sedan:

-All current Roar rules Apply. Single 5 Minute A Main.

-1350g minimum.

-8.4 volt charge lipo maximum

-5 min mains

- Single A main

-Speed Controllers MUST be on ROAR Approved List

-ESC Must be Blinky (Non-Timing)

-Spec Tire determined by Host Track: Tires must be purchased at event at 1 set max for 1 day event and 2 sets max for 2 day events.

*No chassis sponsored racers allowed in this class*

5. USGT:

-Any Electric 10th Scale 4WD Chassis

-Gravity GT Wheel & Tire (GRC124GTW or GCR124GTB)

-Street and GT Style bodies ONLY, no Pro-style TC or prototype bodies

-Any "Scale" molded wings can be used. Lean wings 10mm maximum height/side dam height

-2 cell battery

-ESC Must be Blinky (Non-Timing)

-Any Roar approved 21.5 Turn Brushless Motor Allowed

-5 Minute Qualifiers/ Single 5 min main event

-1350g Min Weight

-8.4 volt charge lipo maximum

*No chassis sponsored racers allowed in this class*

6. Novice:

-No requirements. Run whatever you have.

7. GT8-E (outdoor events only):

- Any shaft driven 1/8 scale buggy, truly and GT based electric powered vehicles

- 4s battery

- Motors must be under 2650kv

- GT8 body, no Lola or wedge style bodies

- Rubber tires

- 3700 minimum weight

- GT8e will have one drop and both carpet races removed for their point totals.


All classes will be ifmar style qualifying.


-All Events will run a total of at least 3 qualifiers and Single A Mains (depending on time)

-Qual Points with reverse starting order based on how you finished the previous round for USGT, VTA, and F1.

-Qual points will be used for all classes on asphalt tracks. This will be best 2 out of 3.

-Rocket Round will be used to determine TQ on the carpet tracks for modified sedan, 17.5 sedan, and 12th scale.

-17.5 sedan, Modified sedan, and 12th scale will be Ifmar style starts.

-Bump Ups! Winner of the lower main will move into the next highest main event.

-We will be stacking the mains as entries allow. No more 2 car B-mains. If there is 12 people in a class, at least 3 will be in the B main. This will be a judgement call by the race organizers and race director. If you are qualified 9th out of the 12 but are 2 laps slower than 8th for example, we will put you in the B-main and see if you can make the A by bumping. Same goes for 8th, etc. The idea is to make the mains as even as possible.

-If Rain Prevents main events to be completed, results will be based on qualifying results unless 1 full round of finals has been run. If one full round has been run, results will be based on that final round. ALL Mains must be run at least once for the results to be official, otherwise results will revert to qualifying positions.


-Points will be awarded based on finishing order. Overall first place will receive 100 pts, second place 98 pts, third 97 pts fourth 96 fifth 95 and so on in descending order

-Top qualifier will receive 1 bonus point.

-The worst individual result will be dropped from the point total. (1 drop)

-In the event of a tie in overall points, the throw out points will be the deciding factor. If there is still a tie at this point, the next deciding factor will be number of Tq's. Third deciding factor will be the result from the Final Race.


-The entry fees are set at $30.00 for the first Texas EOS class and 15.00 for each additional class.

-Alternate class entry fee is $30.00

-The revenue raised by Texas EOS will be used to purchase all awards, prizes and cover any miscellaneous administrative expenses. The intention of the organization is to secure a large amount of product to raffle off at the series finale.


A scoring protest must be logged as soon as possible with your class director after the qualifying round. The race director and class director will determine if the protest is to be upheld.

If there is a question of any racers motor being legal, (too fast) the person questioning that racer will give $100.00 to the Race Director for the buyback of that motor. Upon initiation of the buyback, the Race Director will choose the appropriate person to tear down and inspect the motor. If the motor is found to be legal, the owner of the motor will get the $100.00 from the Race Director and the motor in question. If the motor is found to be illegal, the person initiating the buyback will get their money back, and the person using the illegal motor will be asked to retire from the event. Only drivers in each specific class can question another racer’s motor or batteries.


1.Penalties can include (but are not limited to:

-stop and go penalty during the race,

-black flag (or removal from the heat),

-verbal warnings,

-if necessary, removal from the event.

2. Penalties will be given based on:

-Unsportsmanlike driving

-Rough driving

-Blocking leaders

-Short cutting

-Driving against traffic

-Applying the throttle while car is being marshaled

-Servicing a vehicle during a stop & go


Lap counting shall be done by an automated lap counting system provided by the race series director.


If a transponder or personal transponder is in the car but does not count or stops counting, the computer operator will try to count laps as accurately as possible. If the transponder fails or falls out or is knocked out of the car after the race starts, no further laps will be scored.


Three minutes maximum will be observed in between each racing heat. This should be announced by race director. A one (1) minute grace period will be given to any racer whose car is not working at the start line. Only one (1) grace period per heat or main will be allowed.


Each racer is responsible for marshaling the heat immediately after they run on the track. This means setting the car trackside on the official tech table and going to their assigned marshal spot on the track. Any driver not present before the start buzzer of the heat they are responsible to marshal will have their fastest run docked a lap on the first incident. The second time this happens they will be disqualified from the category in which they are participating. The only exception is if the driver has secured an alternate corner marshal or has made previous arrangements with race director.


If a car is found to not be legal in post-race inspection, the results from the round will not count towards the outcome of the race.


Turn marshals and the host club are not responsible for damage to cars or injury to racers. It is understood that accidents may happen. To participate, you must sign individual track waiver.